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Dear David, this is the best product since the invention of the cake. The videos are so easy to understand. Hands on Visual is awesome. I am retired and fighting to make my eBay business. I lose my PowerSeller eBay just Atatus, me a little sad. You can find list items not suitable. The Poroduct is a blessing. Thank you very much! Dianna/Blessedchoices. Great work and very informative. So is free, I have more information than most of the products I bought the Warrior Forum. I await with impatience the other videos, which you can save. Good chance someone listen, not constantly trying to sell me things and therefore more are inclined to buy something that would recommend to many others who constantly try dumpster would sell me. Most of the others you have selected email list, but love to sell. A great job. Stan Hathcock.  Dave, finally pulled the trigger and bought hot topic finder. I'm glad I did it! As someone who more than 1500 completed to auction; There is strong information have. To be honest, the advice are value, the price of the product itself, and I don't have time to get the bonus! Keep your excellent work. Lee Overton. Dave, have I quietly WINS in line for more than 10 years. Needless to say, I bought everything, buy, yet the majority of things just to see what they are, you never know. But it is a breath of fresh air, and experience to do just that this type is if you know someone who make sincere attempts to help people and has. Thank you for your great insights and much more. Brian k. Johnson. Hi David, I've been trying since centuries by a product like this, knew that there was a niche for hot products, but Fund headaches and long time, thank you for an excellent product! Jack Wright. Hi Dave, the former immediately update again for your new version much more powerful and easy to use thank you. I love this tool much for me. Once the load and I quickly find hot items or the most viewed articles in minutes! And there are also a lot of fun! Dave, thank you very much for a great toy and a way an unfair advantage over my competition is huge. Femi. Dave Merci by the excellent software and especially all the time you put in the video-result tips and tricks. I thought it was just low-fat and then she stopped, and then look at all. He did a fantastic job, thank you very much for your time. Let me know about future products.  . Hi Dave, Hotspot Finder is a very good program! I was looking for a software to find trends and hot dishes on the market today. Their sound in real time and very easy to use, quite right. Adam Hoystrim.  Dave, you're the man! I simply download everything and worth the small investment. What I'm guessing is your clear instructions, don't let anything, and as I am new to this type of marketing, I likes the way in which to hold. This option all impatient thanks Anne Talbott.   Hi Dave, I've been looking, a very cool product to promote, as it only began with Alex Jeffreys train himself and wanted to promote something better than the other students, all the same thing. I'm already a customer with you longer than 12 months, and that you have purchased, your software and training. Products are 110% upper class and make life easy. This new product is no different, very professional and friendly. Here you have a life long customer. Mark Anderson. Thanks Dave. I am a newbie to the field, and I really appreciate your step Guidens simply for people like me, I don't know much. I decided to be successful in this business. Thank you for your efforts to get there. As always, I'm from Norway, so please bear with my English. Thanks for that secrets that nobody wants. FYI, I'm Meisund. It sold on eBay for 10 years, and they have not found a software that much affect my kd niche finder business. Monitor feedback and other software by Dave Guindon title was an enormous asset. The software of the soloists of thousands of other software packages, providing a complete system of training video, representing not only how uses marketing online, but in reality the advice on loopholes for sales with a positive impact to find product.   Tara Rogers. Dear Dave, the kaleidoscopic world of Internet marketing, is easily blinded by the table and the breadth of products and systems are designed to a more efficient marketing. Their products, such as hot topic finder Bienvenido a simplicity brings understand and achieve the benefits for this purpose. We are all very aware, one of the most valuable resources is that we now have and HIF can save you a lot of it! I love the interface and the obvious care that went in two interior design (don't worry your system in fitting step!). I am very impressed by the support and commitment that have in their products, in particular with the upgrade on the life insurance. I can not tell you how I burned on this front. So you can continue to monitor and (probably) with products such as HIF as my income self-employed, independent of the mountain. Brandon William M,.