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Business finder allows users on the basis of company names or products and services in Malaysia, Penang, Singapore and United States to choose. Only in Singapore, as well as limited and Singapore registered 138000 audience, there are private companies that are classified into 3500 industries and industrial customers. Is the difference between public and private companies; Society with limited liability by Singapore is regarded as a society where members of limited liability. First and foremost the liability of the shareholders to creditors are limited to the initial capital invested. Also personal property are protected by a shareholder in the event of insolvency. Hold the shares in private companies, could possibly to the public, in contrast to the society does not offer. Is the main feature between a company and a company with limited liability. Users can search this directory for company names, telephone numbers, fax numbers, branches and more. Two thumbs at all in Singapore hobby supplies, wonderful and cheerful people in the hobby shop has contributed to, that my father and find the parts for your aircraft and helicopters needed desired and keep them without problems fixed. Once again a big warm hug and thank everyone for the help. The reason for my email is thank you and your team as well as someone more solved our problems of the spirit of vision. Is extremely reliable and has brought great joy. Delivery takes 3-5 business days. Well, I got my 2 working days. This is unbelievable! Thanks Guyz, quick delivery. Right of way, the online shopping experience! So he came home to 02 00 really surprised that the entire area was already home, was not broken and in good condition, please stay in touch quick and pleasant future from that sender to the delivery of my order. I'm so excited that all open and to begin construction. I hope you and Johnny are good and well traded with the crowded shop :-). Thank you for the fast service, it was excellent to deal with. Transmitter in my Club my friends recommend. Hin Yong TZE, thank you very much for a great product. I'm not into homemade, but my neighbor has my package will last. I will say in the French Forum, on service and reliability. Thank you again. Thank you for your prompt service. Today, I received my package in perfect order. It is a pleasure niche finder (singapore) pte ltd to buy from Singapore of hobby supplies online. Thank you, is to say that I received the delivery of the package and an excellent customer service and very fast delivery. So I know how impressed and surprised I am to receive part of the package of efficiency which is incredibly fast logistics service compared to other international shopping sites, I have the experience. Go to the satisfaction of the Customeris is something that I can keep just for me. Thank you, Singapore hobby supplies Pte Ltd, has some great reliable service, fast and reliable for my successful project. Estoymuy me you're happy courageous people gave you good hands. I liked to go shopping in your store. My friends say it is true, Singapore hobby supplies is the best and most reliable in Asia. Here, the enthusiasm of our group is very small, but I recommend the shop to all interested parties. My letter could be witnesses to your customers. The customer satisfied. .